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Introducing our BodyTime Bands!!

Made to activate, strengthen and tone your body at home or in your favorite work out class.


Cut the fat and keep your curves!!

Now you can train your biggest muscle groups at home.


 Get more than 400% more glute activations and fire up your legs.


Durable:  Stong fabric with double sided stitching, is woven with unique stretch fibers to give wide range of motion.


Comfortable: Fabric is strong yet soft against the skin. They do not pinch, roll, slip  or pull hairs.


Multipurpose: These dynamic bands can be used tonbuild strength as well as for recovery and protection frim injuries.


Resistance Level

Green Band-  30-40lbs

Gray Band  -  50-60 lbs

Black Band -  70-80lbs



BodyTime Bands

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